If you’ve worried about aging, tried to shape up or loved the wrong man, you'll appreciate Aggie Mundeen.

Fit to Be Dead nominated for The Lefty Award: Best Humorous
Mystery of 2012

FIT TO BE DEAD has a creative plot, tension that makes it hard to put down and main characters whose histories suggest they could fill a series. I hope so. I love this book!
—Rollo K. Newsom PhD, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Sociologyand Folklore,Texas State University, and an editor of Lone Star Sleuths.

West’s sense of humor is fantastic…with lines that made me laugh out loud. I hope West keeps writing these Aggie  Mundeen mysteries; her style is wonderfully entertaining.
—Elizabeth Hilborn, Houston, Texas.

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Aggie and Meredith coerce Detective Sam into sharing their vacation incognito at a dude ranch. While they frolic with dudes, wranglers, and marksmen, Aggie gives her column readers tips on how to stay young and fresh in summer. Aggie and friends get a crash course on oil drilling, water shortages and the perils of bequeathing land. Crimes past and present suck them into a snake pit of deception, and Aggie discovers that Home on the Range means murder. 

West’s humor and jest at unexpected moments create a delightful read. Plot twists and in-depth characterization spiced with encounters between Aggie and Sam make DANG NEAR DEAD a satisfying mystery.
—Diane Donovan, eBook Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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These mysteries feature anti-aging columnist AGGIE MUNDEEN.  Read Talk to Aggie at stayyoungwithaggie.wordpress.com

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